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Your input to the planning process is vital and the more you put in – for example, in the information you provide or the time you spend considering your objectives – the more you will get out.

We offer an initial consultation or second opinion, at our expense and without obligation. At this stage, you can explain your financial objectives and we will clarify how we work and how we advise.

If we agree that there is a match between the service you want and what we can provide, then would normally provide a written service and fee agreement for your consideration. If you choose to engage our services, this can be for ongoing financial planning or for a one-off project.

We tailor our services to fit the requirements of each client, because everyone we work with is unique, with different backgrounds, circumstances, experience of financial services, objectives and needs.

In each case, we prepare a written report, which fully analyses the situation for the client and acts as a record on which future decisions can be made. The report is discussed, amendments made, if required, agreed and then implemented.

It is usually cost-effective for our clients to allow us to complete the final piece of the jigsaw, although not in every case, so we may also tie up all the paperwork, liaise with the organisations to whom we are entrusting clients’ money and ensure it is all set up correctly and efficiently.

At every stage of the planning process you are in complete control as to whether you wish want to continue with the relationship.

Financial planning

The ideal arrangement for you and us is to have an ongoing relationship where your planning evolves to meet your changing priorities and objectives, a service known as financial planning.

Financial planning is the process of identifying your objectives and attitudes, then looking at your current circumstances before agreeing plans to make sure that you achieve your goals in the most efficient way.

Financial Planning develops to take account of your changing circumstances, attitudes, objectives and priorities. External factors will also effect your planning, for example changes in the economic outlook, taxation and product advancement.

Every year, we will help you decide whether you should contribute to ISAs and pensions, use your gifting allowance for inheritance tax and/or plan for capital gains tax mitigation.

We can help with cash management by advising on cash deposits and national savings and clients often use us as a “sounding board” for their own ideas.

Individual projects

You can engage us provide advice on an individual project. No ongoing reviews will be provided and our advice will be limited to the areas you request.

For more information on our services, please contact us.

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