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We are happy to discuss which of our services would be appropriate for you, given your particular circumstances. Our services include, but are not limited to, those listed below.

Financial planning

  • Identify and prioritise your objectives
  • Statement of current financial circumstances
  • Discussion to agree proposals
  • Administration of your financial affairs
  • Liaising with your other professional service providers
  • Review meetings

Investment planning

  • Individual risk profile
  • Asset allocation strategy
  • Cash management: deposits and National Savings
  • ISAs
  • 24/7 online valuations from our recommended investment platform

Pension planning review service

  • Tax-efficient contributions: personal and company
  • Retirement benefits: drawdown and annuity review

Protection planning review

  • Life, critical illness and income protection

Responsible Investment Service (RIS)

  • Key focus on sustainability
  • Assisting clients to align their portfolios with their core values
  • Identify and prioritise your objectives
  • Individual risk profile
  • 24/7 online valuations from our recommended investment platform

Trustees and charity accounts

  • Mapping investment goals and weighing risks
  • Asset allocation
  • Selecting investments
  • Tax-efficiency
  • Monitoring and reporting investment discussions and decisions

Tax planning

  • Independent taxation and children's allowances
  • Capital gains tax allowances
  • Consultation with an accountant
  • Tax return service

Inheritance tax and estate planning review

  • Inheritance tax calculation
  • Gifting and mitigation strategies
  • Wills and trusts


  • Dedicated adviser and support
  • Email, telephone service
  • Out-of-hours service
  • Regular newsletter
  • Website with news and links

For more information on our services, please contact us.

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