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As the financial world becomes ever more complex, we believe that good investment planning is more important now than ever.

If you are looking for pragmatic, cost-effective, creative guidance, please contact Marc Stemmer to arrange an initial meeting, at our expense with no obligation. We are happy to provide a second opinion and review your existing arrangements.

Investments are usually a significant part of our client’s financial plans. We aim to develop plans and structure portfolios that conform to your risk tolerance, objectives and timescale. The main factors that we look at before making our recommendations to you for consideration are:

  • your risk tolerance
  • your objectives
  • your current circumstances and future plans
  • tax
  • cost and charges of investment
  • investment risk and inflation risk.

We aim to provide a highly diversified, low cost, tax efficient and easy to administer answer to your investment needs. Unusually, our firm is happy to use low cost index tracking funds and exchange traded funds alongside traditional actively managed funds to provide long-term income and capital growth potential.

We seek to ensure our clients receive a portfolio that is constructed to met their needs, be that income producing, capital growth orientated or a combination of both.

The types of investments and investment vehicles we would usually consider, include, but are not restricted to:

  • deposit accounts
  • National Savings
  • ISAs
  • Exchange Traded Funds and index trackers
  • OEICs/unit trusts
  • discretionary investment management
  • self-invested pensions
  • offshore investments.

For more information on our investment services, please contact us.

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