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There are a number of things that family and charity trustees need to consider, from the ways in which trusts attract tax, to trustees’ duties and responsibilities in terms of managing their money sensibly. We aim to help trustees make the right decisions and plan their investments accordingly.

We help trustees get to grips with:

  • Thoroughly understanding the investment process they need to go through
  • Communicating with fellow trustees regularly to document the outcomes of annual reviews
  • Putting in place an Investment Policy Statement
  • Understanding beneficiaries’ interests in the trust, what rights they have and how any birthdays might affect the tax treatment of the trust
  • Paying capital and income to different groups of beneficiaries

We help trustees to tread carefully when it comes to investing a trust fund, changing the assets held within it, or exploring options for diversification.

In this respect, we aim to ensure that all of your investment decisions are sustainable in the long-term.

Our team can help trustees to take a structured approach to investments, by assisting with:

  • Mapping goals and weighing risks
  • Asset allocation
  • Selecting investments
  • Tax-efficiency
  • Monitoring and reporting investment discussions and decisions

This can help you to ensure that robust financial planning is at the very heart of achieving your trust’s goals.

For more information about our services for family and charity trustees, please contact us.

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